ANIME Token ® is a premium BSC cryptocurrency for hardcore anime-fans.

Mike Wang
2 min readFeb 8, 2021

With Binance Smart block Chain

ANIME TOKEN is not just a solid crypto-currency that was built on top of proven and reliable technologies such as the Binance smart chain, it also has a provably fair and transparent initial coin distribution, which we believe are critical for the long-term success and decentralization.

[ANI] is a currency for the anime community, for fans and collectors, for weeabo and otaku. Anime is a serious project, we are focused and will strive to get listed on many exchanges as possible from time to time until anime token stays timeless like bitcoin.

Utilities and use cases Anime Token ® ?

We create professional ANIME artwork & NFTs ( Non-Fungible Tokens ) with amazing graphic works that you can collect sell and share !

From time to time we will give our community the opportunity to stake Anime Tokens to farm more tokens ( DeFi & Yield Farming )

NFT Farming : You can farm our NFTs with anime tokens for low BNB fees and get them almost for free! ( NFT Farm )

Macots and Waifus of Anime Token ® ?

But now to more important topics *UwU* :) I would like to present you one of our girls and unique NFTs, they are of high quality and are hand-painted and are born between 20 to 40 days of hard work & big budget, each of our waifus has its own personality and identity. Most of our NFTs are 5 to 12 seconds .mp4 2 to 4k ultraHD.


Total token supply : 69.000.000
Total circulating token supply : 62,100,000
Burned tokens : 6.900.000 ( 10% )

Contract adress

No fees, no Mint — 100% Secure Contract ! PROOF
Contract renounced ownership ! PROOF
Liquidity locked until 2025 by unicrypt ! PROOF

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