This is the revolution in the anime industry you have been waiting for!

With Binance Smart block Chain

We love anime. So our new and exclusive Anime Token reflect our passion for anime, manga, games and hentai.

What is Anime Token ® ?

Anime BEP-20 token is a cryptocurrency of the new standards using the binance smart blockchain. It allows the market to freely drive its value, it’s optimized for ultra-fast trading..

  • Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm, Proof of Staked authority.

Our Mission is to bring anime, hentai, cosplay, music and gaming together under one flag. We would like to support cosplayers & anime fans around the world. We want to build an empire for all Otakus in this world.

We have two tokens to offer !

Anime Token bep-20 with 69 million supply.
And an experimental bep-20 sub token of its mother token Anime - with an max supply of only 69.
HEN is a kind of trophy that reflects the royality to its holder.

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love greetings Mike Wang.

CEO and Founder

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