Mike Wang

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Common: Yua & Yui — Supply: 10 — Listing Price: 0.1 ETH

The Shinoda twins Yua and Yui, Yua has purple hair, her sister Yui is dyed blue. They are both very shy and naive and always celebrate anime token moonings together.

Rare: Yamada Hiromi — Supply: 10 — Listing Price: 0.2 ETH



Anime Token ® is a decentralized Binance Smart Chain Token and a unique ERC1155 NFT platform.
We offer professional Anime-style artwork on our NFT staking platform. Anime Token ® is for weebs and otakus;

  • Total and Max-Supply of Anime = 69.000.000 Tokens. No MINT.

Our Creative Team

Mike Wang CEO

Over 5 years experience with cryptocurrency and marketing , has developed anime token in 2020. A trusted CEO with motivation and passion for the community.

Kailey Ambasador

She worked in many crypto projects as promoter and also as listing manager on exchanges.